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As with everything currently, we are required to take extra additional steps in relation to our health and safety in preparing you for a Driving Lesson or Driving Test environment.

The day before your lesson I will contact you by text and ask you the following questions:

  1. Have you or anyone in your household become unwell or have symptoms of COVID?
  2. Have you or anyone in your household been tested in the last week?
  3. Do you believe you may have been in contact with someone showing symptoms within the last week?

We cannot be too cautious and therefore, I urge your honesty whenever you are answering these questions and I will extend that same honesty to you.

Your Driving Lesson

Please make sure you have washed your hands before coming out to your driving lesson.
I will greet you outside the car prior to your lesson and - observing physical distancing - we will have a last-minute check that you are well, I will take your temperature with a non-contact thermometer and discuss our plan for your lesson.

I will have wiped down and sanitised the vehicle and put on a clean disposable seat cover prior to you entering the vehicle for your lesson.

I am insisting that we both wear a face covering while we are in the car, gloves will be optional.

Before you get into the car I will provide hand sanitiser and ask you to sanitise your hands. If you would prefer to use your own please bring this out with you and sanitise just before getting into the car and putting on your face covering. If you would like to wear gloves please put these on before getting into the car.

I will have a supply of disposable gloves and masks should you need them.

If you need to present your Provisional Driving Licence (in the case of your first lesson), I will ask you show it to me. I will not touch it. It may be helpful that if possible, you take a photograph of both sides of your Licence and send it to me prior to your first lesson. I will not keep that data after first checks.

Any personal belongings that you bring with you should be kept on your person and not in door pockets etc. If you need to bring a bag or coat this will have to be placed in the boot.

During Your Lesson

With these precautions in place, I want to minimise the time required prior to your lesson starting to ensure your lesson and learning time is maximised.
You will still have the full duration we have agreed for your lesson, even though a few minutes need to be taken ahead of your lesson starting for these safety procedures. I will aim to arrive a few minutes early, prior to your lesson start time.

I will not share any printed material with you in the car.

Visual learning will be done in such a way that only I touch the material and if required, I will send learning materials digitally to you afterwards.

There will be no sharing of writing material/pens/paper.

Windows will be left open to allow a flow of fresh air into the car. In cases of extreme heat air
con may be used if we both agree to it but this will be a last resort.

At the end of Your Lesson

We will get out of the car to discuss our plan for the next lesson and make any arrangements we need to make.

Please remove the disposable seat covering when you get out the car and remove face coverings and gloves outside of the car. Please take these items with you and dispose of them safely at home.

After Your Lesson

It is vital you inform me of any changes to your health in between lessons as soon as possible.

We will need to adhere to this process until further notice. Should any advice or guidance change, you will receive updated notes to reflect this.

All these measures are in place to make sure not only that you and I are as safe as possible, but more importantly to give you the best opportunity to learn and develop your driving skills.

We all have different circumstances and preferences. If you would rather not return to your driving lessons with these provisions in place then I completely understand. Please let me know if this is the case and we can discuss your options.

Thank you for your help and co-operation.